Tips For Workout Success

How to make the most of your workouts:

  • Posture - Perfect posture is KEY to success in fitness training, no matter what the exercise

  • Breathing

  • Remember - EXHALE with EXERTION – or breathe OUT on the most strenuous part of any exercise.

  • Control - Very important! Keep all movements controlled by maintaining an even pace as you complete each exercise (in both directions)

Warming up:

  • Warm up your brain – Get out of your work clothes and change into your workout gear! Studies show that getting in the mood for exercise definitely helps you increase your workout time and intensity.

  • Warm up your body – Warm ups don’t have to be elaborate. The goal is to increase your body temperature and help get more oxygen into your muscles. Take a brisk walk, climb a few flights of stairs, or simply jog on the spot for 3/5 minutes.

  • Try the 10-minute rule! - When you DON'T feel like working out, make up your mind to TRY it for 10 minutes – if you make it that far, you'll likely keep going! If not, even small spurts of exercise add up to real health benefits.

Balancing your workout:

  • Include cardio – You'll burn more calories if you include some cardio in your workout. Start with 5/10 minutes of cardio, and then add in your resistance exercises – then do another 5/10 minutes of cardio. Don’t forget to cool down!

  • Create a circuit! – Circuit training is one of the most effective ways to do a total body workout, AND a great way to burn more calories. Warm up with light cardio, and then alternate any vigorous cardio activity for 60-90 sec. between your resistance exercises. Do anything that elevates your heart rate (jogging on the spot is the most effective).

  • Add 'ABS' - Finish every workout with some abdominal work. You can work your abdominal muscles every day without damaging them. (Other muscle groups need a day's 'rest') But remember, abdominals are like any other muscles, work them SLOW and CONTROLLED!

  • Finish with your Core - Exercising your core muscles is VERY important – a strong core improves posture and enhances balance. This means exercising oblique, back and abdominal muscles. Plus - try doing some upper body exercises, 'standing on one leg'!

Remember – even small amounts of exercise can add amazing health benefits. The 10 to 15 minute workout you manage to fit in during the day will add to your 'accumulated' time for total weekly workouts.