Personal Training Sessions

  • Personal training sessions - one-on-one
  • Personal training sessions – couples
  • Small group training sessions – up to four people
  • Assessment and Program design

'Personal Trainer to Go' Package - If your lifestyle does not allow you to have a personal trainer, why not try the 'Personal Trainer to Go' Package?

  • One hour strength and fitness evaluation (visit #1)
  • A comprehensive fitness plan customized to your objectives and fitness level
  • One hour instruction and coaching session (visit #2)
  • Copy of 'Personal Trainer to Go' Exercise Book + Resistance Band
(An optional follow-up of monthly personal training session/s is available to provide you with ongoing support)

'Personal Trainer to Go' package is $200.00.

'Muscles Matter' Workshops

In 1990 at the age of 50, Edna Levitt headed out to the gym for the first time, joined an aerobics class, and changed her life forever. Fitness became to important to her, she decided at the age of 65, to become a personal trainer. Edna has presented her 'Muscles Matter' Workshop at Seniors' Centres, Retiree Clubs, Probus Groups, Women's Groups, Conferences etc. In her dynamic workshop Edna reveals why strength training is so vital to the health and well-being of older adults. She shows you how you can build lean muscle mass, as well as tone and sculpt your body. She demonstrates a variety of easy exercises, using resistance bands. She has also devised a series of exercises you can do while watching television!

Workshops can be customized according to the size and focus of your group and your budget. Keynotes, seminars, and workshops are available for:

  • Recreation and Fitness Centres
  • Public Health Centres
  • Conferences / Conventions
  • Corporations
  • Seniors' Centres
  • Seniors' Residences
  • Associations
  • Women's Groups

For more information on the Training Sessions, and Workshops I offer, please contact Edna Levitt at